Default Reply

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Default Reply in a Messenger chatbot will get triggered as a reply text when your chatbot do not understand the subscriber’s query or message. You can create and use default replies for your Messenger chatbot on Elegant Bots platform. This is how the basic default reply text looks like, Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Can you be more specific?”.

You can use a default Reply as a fall back reply when the bot does not understand the user input. 

Let’s create one for demonstration purposes.

First, create a chat flow for the default reply in the “Flows” section.

Publish the chat flow after you created as per your need and creativity.

Now, you have to set this as your Messenger Chatbot’s default reply.

To set up, navigate to Menu > Settings > General > Default Reply.

On the “Default Reply” field, select the drop-down and choose the the Default Reply flow that you just created. Check the image below. 

That’s it! This is how you create and set default replies for your Messenger chatbot on the Elegant Bots platform.

Note: Aside from the Default Reply text, please use quick reply buttons to help your user navigate through other flows. It will help you to keep your subscribers engaged with your Messenger chatbot.

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