Get the shareable link of a product

🕒 Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minute

To be able to share your product/s to other channels such as a website or other social channels, Elegant Bots will provide a shareable link of your product. You can use this reference link while promoting your product to drive visitors to your chatbot. 

Follows the steps below:

Step 1 Select the Ecommerce section,

Step 2 On your product list, click the three-dots button from the product you need to get the shareable link from.

Step 3 Start using this shareable link on other channels to improve your conversion. 

For the purposes of this illustration, we have generated a link for a sample product, 1 – pc – Chickenjoy ( C1 )

You may click the link below to test.

It would show the ‘ 1 – pc – Chickenjoy ( C1 )’ like the image below. 

That’s it! Enjoy…