How to import subscribers from other bot platforms?

🕒 Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minute

The Import User tool allows you to import subscribers from Manychat or from other bot platforms. No matter what platform you used before to build your Messenger bot, you can import the subscribers easily to Elegant Bots.

Importing data from Manychat allows you to also get important data such as tags and custom fields.


For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s import users from Manychat.

To start importing users, Go to the Audience section, click “Bulk Actions” and select “Export PSIDs”, secure the generated .csv file containing the PSID’s. We’re not done yet, we still need to generate your Page’s Manychat API Key. 

Go to Settings>API then generate the “magic code” – the API Key. Just click the “Generate” API Key to generate the key. 

Now we’re ready to do the fun part…

Go to Elegant Bots Dashboard>Users, click the “Actions” button and select “Import users”

Pull up the saved .csv file containing the PSID’s

Select Manychat as on the dropdown as the source and put in the generated API Key earlier on the field Manychat API Token…

You’ll see the importation starts, you may close the window and the process will continue on the background. 

That’s it!