Manual Registration

🕒 Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minute

The “Build AI Chatbots Premium Course” allows Manual Registration. Please follow the steps below: 

1. Click the “Buy Now” button as shown on the image below. 

2. Click “Sign up”…

3. Please enter your Email, Username, and Password in the text fields.

4. Click the “Place Order” button…

Once done, you will be routed to the “Checkout” page but since this is “Manual Registration” as you may have processed payment already or we are giving you Free Access to the course, you don’t have to process a payment. ❌ Don’t worry!

You will no longer proceed with the Checkout

You’re done with the Registration! ✔️ ( Don’t be confused with the image below. )

Note: Please wait for the email from us saying you are already enrolled. It will take ✔️12-24 hours to process your enrollment. 

👉 Please check your email for the confirmation.

We will send another email once your Course Account is ready within ✔️ 12-24 hours. 

Once your Course Account is ready you will receive an email with login instructions. Basically, you will need to login at the ✔️ Top Left part of your browser. See the image below. 

That’s it! Enjoy…Ciao! 😎

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin