QR Code Generator

🕒 Estimated Reading Time: 1 Minute

QR Code is very helpful to  opt-in people offline to your messenger channel. 

You can use the QR code generated here in your brick & mortar store, cards, posters, invites, websites and more places to get subscribers for your Messenger chatbot.

To use this awesome tool, navigate to Tools > QR Code Generator.

Select the flow you want your user to be routed to. 

For purposes of this illustration, we’ll select “Book Appointment” to route users to our appointment scheduling flow. 

Hit the “Generate” button. 

Voila! We have generated our “Book Appointment” QR Code. Simply hit the “Download” button to get your QR code image. 

After downloading the QR code, you can print it and paste on your physical store.

Hope this article helps you to know about the “QR Code Generator” tool on the Elegant Bots platform.