SMS Automation using Twilio

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Elegant Bots allows you to send an SMS to your contacts worldwide using Twilio. 

No matter where your business is located or where your customers are, if it is supported by Twilio SMS, you can send SMS to bring your customers to Messenger to generate more revenue for your business.

We integrated with Twilio to let you send SMS. The only thing you need to start combining Messenger Marketing with SMS is to have a Twilio account. Twilio doesn’t provide phone number for all countries, but if there is no phone number available for your country, you can buy a phone number from a supported country and send SMS to your customers in your country without any restrictions.

We handle all the complexity for you. Your customers can easily opt-out for SMS with “STOP” keyword.

1. Connect your Twilio account to Elegant Bots

If you don’t have a Twilio account you can create a new account here for free.

You will need to enable send SMS to the countries you want to send SMS

To connect to Elegant Bots, go to Settings>Channels>SMS

Then select “SMS (Twilio) just like the image below.  

You will need to enter your Twilio credentials, “Account SID”, “Auth Token”, and “Phone Number” on the fields provided. 

2. Collect Phone number and consent

Before you send an SMS to a user you need to collect his phone number and the person needs to give you consent to send SMS.

Now every user has a field called “Phone” that is used for SMS marketing. You can ask your users their phone numbers with “User Input” block and save the user phone in the “Phone” field.

To save the user consent to send SMS, you need to use the “Set SMS Opt-In” action. You can find this action in the “Actions” block. We advise you to use this action when the user presses a button to give consent. Your SMS will not be sent if you do not set the user consent using the “Set SMS Opt-In”.

We created a flow to ask the user’s phone number and consent. 

3. Send SMS

You need to use the SMS step to send SMS to your subscribers. You will find the SMS step by clicking on the big “+”.

We advise you to include a link of a flow or step in your SMS message to bring your customers to a particular flow or step in Messenger.