Creating an account

🕒 Estimated reading time: 1 Min

To create a Messenger Chatbot for business at Elegant Bots you need to signup to create an account on this platform.

On our Homepage select the “GET 14-DAY FREE TRIAL” button at the middle of the banner image (as shown on the image below).

It will lead you to a page where you need to connect a Facebook page (make sure you are an admin of that Facebook page you want to connect). Click the “Continue” button (as shown on the image below).

Then confirm your Facebook account on the Elegant Bots platform by selecting the “Continue as {your account name}

After confirming your Facebook account on the Elegant Bots platform, select the page that you want to connect with Elegant Bots on the setup wizard which looks similar to the image below.

Just click the “Connect” button for any page that you need to integrate with Elegant Bots platform and start creating Messenger chatbots for your purpose.

After this signup process, you can start creating Messenger Chatbots.