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You can add/edit ( and delete )  a product you want to sell through your chatbot. If you have a Shopify or WooCommerce online store, you can connect it with the Elegant Bots platform in just a few minutes. 

Otherwise, you can add your products to the platform’s inventory.

Follow these steps to add/edit or even delete products.

Select the Menu eCommerce then you’ll find the “Add Product” button on the right corner of the table content.

Adding a product

To add a product, select the “Add Product” button (pointed by the arrow in the above image) to proceed further. It shows like the images below: 

Product details

On this product details pages, enter the details about the product in the given column respectively.

Name – Enter the name of your product in this field.

Short Description – Explain your product in 2 to 3 lines and let your subscriber know what is the product is about.

Description – You can give a detailed description of your product in this field.

Pricing – The values of the product along with the price, tax details and discount percentage can be filled here. Note: Tax & discount fields are optional fields.

Images – You have to enter the URL of the product and you can add up to 11 images for a product.

Inventory Policy – Here you choose any among the two options in the drop-down menu. The options are, 

  1. Don’t Track Inventory – This option is to tell the platform not to track the count of products in the inventory (not recommended).
  2. Tracks this Product Inventory – This option is to inform Elegant Bots that the platform will track the products count on your inventory. Then your bot will inform the admin when there is a shortage on the inventory (recommended).

Tags – You can add the tag to your products and it will be helpful for you on building chat flow showcasing the products to your subscribers. Note: It is different from variants.

Variants – Add the variants of your product like colour, size, quantity, and lot more based on your need.

Optional details – The columns here are optional and it can be used to provide more details about your product.

That’s it. After filling out all the required fields, don’t forget to press the save button (on the top-right side).

Editing a product

To edit a product, just click on the 3 dots next to the product you want to edit. 

Then a pop-up will open which will show, “Edit”, “Duplicate”, “Preview”, “Get Link”, and “Delete”. 

Click “Edit”. See Image below. 

Once done, you will see the “Edit” pane like the images below. 

Editing is just like when you’re adding products, you may refer to the Product Details for more information. 

Deleting a product

Deleting a product is very straight forward. Just click on the 3 dots next to the product you want to delete. 

That’s it! Enjoy…