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Through Categorization, you are able to segment your products under some sets and names. On the eCommerce section, it will help help you to keep your products organized.

This is how the category page looks like. The table will give you the list of categories you have along with the subcategories count.

Creating a New Category

If you are about to build your own inventory in this platform, always starts with categories. It will help you to organize the products that you will be adding in the future.

Now to create a new category, click the “Add Category” button above the table.

After this, enter the category name, upload image (optional) for the category and select a rank for category to display when there are multiple categories to show.

Then, click Continue button.

You can add subcategories, remove the categories in bulk, preview, and edit particular category using the submenu straight to every category.

Hope this article helps you to learn more about categories in our eCommerce module on the  Elegant Bots platform.